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Engineered by Nature

We use Emu Oil as a delivery vector to insure your CBD extracts penetrate deep into the tissue whether taken internally or used topically resulting in a new level of effectiveness in medical cannabis products. By utilizing high CBD cannabis extracts and the only patent pending delivery system we are finally realizing the true healing power of cannabis.

Classic Line Photo

Classic Medicated Line

Our Classic formula sets the standard for consistency and reliability that all others our judged by. This line contains delivers 20 mg CBD in a base of 100% pure grade A Emu Oil.

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Gold Line Photo

Gold Medicated Line

We use a patent formula of Emu Oil that provides nearly 50% more anti-inflammatory properties then grade A Emu Oil, then add 50 mg of CBD for maximum effectiveness. Truly, the Gold standard in infused topical cannabis applications.

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Mango Elixir Photo

Mystic Mango Medicated Elixir

EMU 420 Essentials Mystic Mango Medicated Elixir continues our tradition of bringing high quality unique and dependable products to market. With a light taste of mango and the industries finest sublingual carrier this elixir delivers a high CBD dose of cannabinoids in a powerful anti-inflammatory base providing internal relief across a wide variety of conditions.

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