Pure comfort for muscles, joints and skin

Cannariginals Emu 420 Essentials combines cannabis extracts with emu oil for superior pain relief. High quality extracts of THC and CBD added to deeply-penetrating emu oil creates a multiplying effect for a higher level of medical marijuana efficacy. Our #1 goal is to make a difference in the lives of people in pain. Try Emu 420 Essentials and see how it provides relief from the discomfort of burns, skin conditions, sprains, migraines and chronic pain that affect daily life.

All natural, non-pharmaceutical

Cannariginals Emu 420 Essentials are all-natural, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and have transdermal delivery properties with emu oil. Your body takes in natural ingredients with no side effects. Topical cannabis extract applications don’t show up on a drug test because they don’t go into the bloodstream or the liver.*

*Cannariginals Mystic Mango Medicated Elixir taken sublingually does go into the bloodstream and will therefore show up on a drug test.

Reliable quality from a credible company

Cannariginals Emu 420 Essentials is a patented formula that’s available in over 500 collectives in California. We’ve sold well over 100,000 products since we started in 2014. We’re excited about our work with many local associations that help sufferers of lupus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and epidermolysis bullosa (EB).

Need a medical marijuana card?

You can get one online and then visit a collective near you that carries Cannariginals Emu 420 Essentials.

More Californians choose Cannariginals for their topical cannabis needs than any other company.*

*New Cannabis Ventures, October 18, 2016

Classic Medicated Compounds Gold Medicated Compounts Black Medicated Compounds Mystic Mango Medicated Elixir
20 mg CBD + 10 mg THC strength 50 mg CBD + 25 mg THC and intensive emu oil for improved effectiveness 120 mg CBD + 60 mg THC and intensive emu oil for superior effectiveness 280 mg CBD + 140 mg THC and intensive emu oil for maximum effectiveness
Non-menthol or mentholated for cooling effect (great for athletes) Non-menthol or mentholated for cooling effect (great for athletes) Non-menthol N/A
Rub or oil Rub or oil Rub Anti-inflammatory cannabis-infused tincture
Fast-acting Almost instant relief Premium pain relief Internal relief for a variety of conditions

We are making a difference

What people are saying about our topical cannabis

“My toes feel like dead spuds on the end of my foot, and [after applying Emu 420 Essentials] on my left foot, I can feel my toes.”

Hempcon San Bernardino attendee (Neuropathy)

“I put it on and easily 2/3 of the pain is gone.”

John at Hempcon San Bernardino 2014 (Accidentally shot in the hip and lives in a lot of pain)

“Dried blistered up skin dries up and cures within days. I wish I would’ve known about your product years prior. Thanks.”

Anonymous parent of an EB (rare skin disease) child

“I am a metal artist and have developed arthritis in both hands. [Emu 420 Essentials Gold] product works better than anything I have tried, including prescribed creams. I get instant relief, making my pain bearable.”

Caligal, Roseville, CA (Arthritis)

“First and foremost my legs healed a lot faster from diabetic blisters, all the little cuts and skin irritations. I no longer have the dying urge to scratch my skin off my legs. Been a couple of months that I’ve been using [Emu 420 Essentials Gold] rub and even the dark spots caused by diabetes have lightened up.”

jaimitoelcartero, Shafter, CA (Diabetes)

“A man who had been permanently injured some 28 years ago and is wheelchair-ridden took my suggestion and applied your 50mg cream to his lower back area which has been the primary source of his pain and inability to walk, he told me three days after applying it that he needed to buy more and apply it to his knees now because for the first time in decades he got up pain-free and started walking again, his knees weren't used to the movement and they started hurting from being exercised.”

Danny Robbins, Coachella Valley delivery service

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