Cannariginals patented formula of the highest quality emu oil and cannabinoids is designed to make a difference in the lives of people in pain.

Cannariginals' patented balms promote cellular regeneration, skin restoration & repair, reducing pain in the body.
In our Elixirs, Cannabidiol’s neuro-protective benefits strengthen concentration, cognitive function and focus.
Cannariginals' elixirs create a sense of calm, reduce mild anxiety, and encourages a full and restful night of sleep.
The elixirs boost the immune system, act as a natural detoxification and promote healthy digestive tracks.

Our Products

Gold Medicated Rub

We use a patent formula of Emu Oil that provides nearly 50% more anti-inflammatory properties then grade A Emu Oil, then add 50 mg of CBD for maximum effectiveness. Truly, the Gold standard in infused topical cannabis applications.

Gold Menthol Rub

Gold Rub with menthol offers an additional soothing element to the patented formula. Still an all-natural alternative to soothing aches and discomfort, this mentholated version helps with an extra cooling sensation.

Black Rub

The Cannariginals' Black Line offers the same patented formula yet with a stronger combination of Cannabinoids. Considered to be our extra-strength line, the Black Rub is the #1 choice of our customers.

Black Menthol Rub

For those needing an additional cooling sensation along with pain relief, the Black Rub with menthol is the perfect choice . The highest strength topical product we carry combined with the cooling sensation of menthol works quickly to provide deep penetrating relief.

Mystic Mango Elixir

Our #1 Elixir, Mystic Mango Medicated Elixir continues our tradition of bringing high quality unique and dependable products to market. Made with the finest Emu Oil available, this anti-inflammatory cannabis-infused tincture provides relief for a wide variety of conditions. Plus, it tastes great.

Pineapple Passion Elixir

New Flavor! Cannariginals now brings you your favorite elixir now in tasty pineapple, made from the finest extracts we could find. This elixir delivers a high CBD dose of cannabinoids in a powerful anti-inflammatory base providing internal relief across a wide variety of conditions.

All of our products do contain THC.

Do not contain any Solvents, Parabens, Phthalates, Gluten, Artificial Colors & Fragrances.

flask Developed with the highest quality
cannabinoids & AEA-Certified fully
refined Emu Oil
star All-natural alternative that brings
relief to a wide variety of conditions,
both internal & external


Deliver potent actives to promote vital cellular renewal, skin restoration and repair, and relief for a balanced mind and body. The balm is excellent for easing general tension, aches and stiffness, as well as soothing itchy, tender, sensitive skin.

THC/CBD Elixirs

Boosts the immune system, encouraging natural detoxification and promoting a healthy lining of thedigestive tract. They help strengthen brain functionality, focus and concentration, helping reduce mild anxiety and encourage restful sleep.
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